Upgrading Instructions

Important Notice: 

We recommend that you backup your Preachit table by using the backup tool in the advanced area before attempting upgrading the component. Failure to do so may result in loss of data.

Important Notice: 

Installing Preachit 4.2 will remove some of the Preachit programme folders from your installation as they are no longer needed. 

Please make sure you have moved any media files from within the components/com_preachit folder before installing the component.

Important Notice: 

It is not possible to install a previous version of Preachit over the latest version. This will result in errors. If you are unsure over whether you want to update to Preachit 4.2 then we recommend you trial it in a test environment.

Upgrading to 4.2


Although there are changes between previous versions of Preachit and 4.2 these are mostly taken care of in the install process. To upgrade just follow the instructions below.:


Move any media files that you may have stored within the components/com_preachit folder to a safe place such as the media/preachit or images folder.

Download the Preachit 4.2 packet from the download area of this website.

Install Preachit version 4.2 through the Joomla extension manager.


Re-install any templates that you are using through the Preachit template area. All templates are available in Preachit 4.2 compatible versions in our download area.

Check your template options. These may have been reset in the update.


Check your component options to make sure they weren't altered in the update.


Upgrading the extensions


If you upgrade to Preachit version 4.2 you will need to update all extensions to version 4.2 as well. To make this easier, most of the main modules and plugins are included within the main Preachit 4.2 packet and will be installed at the same time as you upgrade the component.


Any other modules, plugins and templates, including the front-end admin component, will need to be installed separately.

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