Podcast Won't Write

You've entered the information, but when you click writeXML an error occurs. What can you do?

+ Check that you have entered the filneame correctly. This should be the filename that you want with the .xml extension and preceded by the folderpath you want to use without a preceding / (ie. filename.xml or podcasts/audio/filename.xml)

+ Check the permissions allow you to write to the folder where you want to write the xml file.

Sometimes you may receive an error message telling you that several media files haven't been found. There could be several causes of this:

+ The media file details have been entered incorrectly

+ The media file has been deleted

+ The entry in the podcast is not a file. This happens when you are including media such as Vimeo and Youtube videos.

+ The code is struggling to define a local file as a local file. This can happen if you can access your site through various urls. If you are using the folder system make sure that the site URL entry in the folder setup is left blank to avoid this error occurring.