File Won't Download

When you download a file it downloads as a corrupt or empty file:

+ Check the Site URL entry in the folder settings: If you are storing files in a folder within your Joomla site then this should be left blank.

+ Check the folder entry in the folder settings: The folder entry should resemble the path to your media folder with preceding or trailing / (ie. path/to/your/media)

+ Check the audio or video file entry. If you are using a local or third party file the entry should just be the file name and extension (ie. yourfile.mp4)

+ Try changing the download setting that can be made on the 'General Settings' tab in your Preachit template parameters. The 'readfile' method is best for local files and the 'curl' function is best for remote files. To use the curl method curl must be enabled on your system. You can find this out if you look at the php information window in your Joomla administrator (found in the help menu under system info.) If curl is not enabled you will need to ask your web-host to switch this on.

+ Check you error logs to see if there is any evidence of a function that is causing a problem. If there is then submit a ticket with this error for a possible fix. Please note you need a valid 'Fulcrum Support' subscription to submit tickets.